Play along Piano - Music XML Search engine and learning tool

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Play along Piano - Music XML Search engine and learning tool

Post by platywompus » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:57 am

Hey Jazz-soft friends,

I've been working on a learning project using Jazz-Soft to help people learn and practice piano keyboards in their browser.

You can search for freely licensed sheet music from public domain/creative commons libraries like Muse Score, the International Music Score Library Project, the Choral Public Domain Library and others then play those scores in your browser. Thanks to Jazz-Soft, all you need is a keyboard with either a USB connection or a MIDI-To-USB cable and the jazz-soft plugin to get started (no plugin needed for Chrome).

Searching and practicing is completely free, although I plan to add a paid membership with some additional features in the future. However, everything currently offered is free and will always be free. You don't even need a free account to start practicing (only if you want to favorite songs and save your practice history).

Give it a try:
Practice Fur Elise:
Or search for anything:

If you're worried about your Jazz-Soft installation or keyboard support, I made an interactive Keyboard Support tool to solve common problems:

The site is just now in Alpha so there's plenty of work left, but nearly all core features are working. If you have time to give it a test, I'd really appreciate your feedback.

The Jazz-Soft tools have been so important to this project and the community documentation has been invaluable.

Best wishes,

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Re: Play along Piano - Music XML Search engine and learning tool

Post by sema » Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:59 pm

Wow! Looks impressive!

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