Error in Midi Console example for Safari

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Error in Midi Console example for Safari

Post by rhmiyakawa » Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:14 pm

Hi Sema and community,

I love the flexibility of Sema's Midi console example, since it listens to all midi ports simultaneously and doesn't need the user to set up which device they'd like to use. However, I seem to have come across a peculiar error using OS X Safari (I'm on Mavericks, Safari v7.0.3), and wanted to see if anyone else has seen this issue. If you copy and paste the URL into the location bar:, and click enter, the page alerts: "Cannot create Jazz-Plugin." However, following a hyperlink to the same page, or refreshing the page allows the demo to load without any issues.

I can't seem to figure out what could possibly be different between these two ways of navigating to the page (hyperlink vs. location bar entry), but I've verified this error on other computers as well. It seems that the issue occurs when the create_plugin function returns a null object when it is called on line 27 of MidiPool.js:

if(place===undefined){ // otherwise create plugins at where the current script is
var scripts=document.getElementsByTagName('script');
if(!arr.length) arr[0]={plugin:create_plugin(place)};

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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