Reverse Chord Finder for MIDI enabled guitar.

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Reverse Chord Finder for MIDI enabled guitar.

Post by dpaterson » Thu Mar 09, 2017 6:51 am

This doesn't just apply to guitar but I am a guitarist and I would find this tool infinitely useful.

I am a software engineer and I would like to create an open source project, using the jazz-soft libraries, for creating a reverse chord finder.

The basic use case is as follows.
User has a MIDI enabled guitar (with Roland GK-3a pickup or some other pitch to midi device).
MIDI device is sending MIDI data into the computer through whatever MIDI interface, in my case it would be a Boss GP-10.

User plays a chord on the guitar
Reverse chord finder takes all the note on information and pulls out possible chord candidates from some chord table/map.
Once the chord candidates are located the all the possible versions of these chords will be displayed in chord charts, starting with the most likely candidate first.
  • by most likely I mean logic is implemented based on basic music theory. For instance, the root note is usually in the bass so start there. It gets tricky once you get into inversions and voice leading etc.
I have already seen that the jazz-soft plugin(s) provides all the low-level MIDI in plumbing so my main task is to find the candidates and display them. My initial thought is to use SVG and an icon font to build the chord charts but more investigation will be needed.

Would love to get some feedback from the forum, and I just discovered jazz-soft last night, great great product IMHO.

David Paterson

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Re: Reverse Chord Finder for MIDI enabled guitar.

Post by sema » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:27 am

It's an interesting project, though there may be some challenging tasks.
I'd suggest you use JZZ.js rather than pure Jazz-Plugin - for better browser coverage.

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